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Looking for a hook for your corporate themed event? Planning a cracker of a Christmas party theme? Wondering what to do to make the next staff conference fun? Events of Elegance takes pride in coming up with cleverly creative party theme ideas – and we’d love to help with yours.

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Creative Conceptualization

A “perfect” result always has a beginning, an end and a through-line. If you’re thinking: “that’s stating the obvious”, we are and then you’ve come to the right place!

Allow us to be a part of your process. Make us a member in you team right from the start. Remember that we are trained to dream your dream in a do-able way!

Events management

Our experience and the nature of our business has made us privileged enough to have isolated the best in our industry in every possible organisation or supplier who’s services you might require. Another privilege lies in the fact that most of these companies have become our friends with whom we have great business relationships. This enables us to compete for the best prices and getting your money’s worth as well as ensuring a common objective.

Save yourself the agony of choosing randomly or trying to put it together yourself and let us do more for you, for less at a minimal management fee.


For example these 50 Creative Event and Party Themes – When you are planning a corporate party, birthday, wedding, prom, anniversary, or a regular get-together, themes help events become personalized and entertaining. No matter the occasion, there is a theme perfect for you in this list of 50 creative event and party ideas. Feel free to post ideas or questions you have about a certain event. Did you plan an event using one of these themes? Post a comment and tell us about it!

1. Beach

2. Las Vegas (Casino)

3. Hollywood (Red Carpet)

4. Tropical Island

5. Broadway (Musicals)

6. Hawaiian (Luau)

7. Sex in the City

8. Movies

9. Paris (the City of Love)

10. Green (Earth-friendly/Environmental)

11. Secret Garden (Flowers)

12. Tea Party

13. Old Hollywood

14. Mardi Gras

15. Masquerade

16. Under the Sea

17. Latin Fever

18. American Splendor (USA/Military)

19. Rainforest (Jungle/Safari)

20. Holiday

21. Asian

22. Medieval (Renaissance)

23. Once Upon a Time

24. Music

25. A Pirates Life

26. Hour of Enchantment (Time Stands Still/Clocks)

27. Burlesque (Cabaret)

28. Arabian Nights

29. Greek (Roman)

30. Rock n’ Roll

31. Out of this World (Space)

32. Winter Wonderland

33. Sports

34. Animal Farm

35. Cooking (House and Home)

36. All that Glitters (Black tie/ High class)

37. Circus (Carnival/Ringleader)

38. Western (Wild West)

39. Decade

– The 20’s (Flapper/Gangster)

– The Golden 50’s

– The Groovy 60’s

– The 80’s

40. Heritage (Italian, Latin, Greek, Etc.)

– Italian

– Latin

– Greek

– What’s Yours?

41. Mystery

42. Luck of the Irish

43. Wine and Dine

44. City Lights

45. All that Jazz

46. Nautical (Boating/Fishing)

47. Game Night (Board-Game/Hobbies/Life-Size Monopoly)

48. Celestial (Stars/Moon/Astrology)

49. Bon Voyage / Around the World (Travel)

50. Celebrity Inspirations (Look-a-Likes)


Many reasons to hold corporate celebrations with Galaxy Events India, from acing a big presentation to honoring a valued colleague’s departure to feting a birthday. Whatever the reason, corporate celebrations can boost morale, re-energize staff and make employees feel valued. Although serving food is a “no-brainer,” try offering activities that encourage teamwork in a way that is cost-effective and appropriate for a corporate environment

When there’s a reason / occasion to celebrate, the mood anxious leading to stress over details while everyone else is having a good time. That’s why we’re here. From the planning stage to the actual event, The Galaxy Events India will be with you every step of the way. Galaxy Event Manager’s involvement in the planning is based totally on your desires and your guests expectations.Galaxy Events India discuss out every detail that you want us to assist with will be one less thing you have to worry about. So whether your son or daughter is graduating, getting married, You/ your parents are celebrating their anniversary, or it’s your faithful, two or four-legged friend’s birthday, we can do it any where in India be it 5 STAR HOTEL , RESORTS , Prestigious Clubs and Unique destinations all over earth we’ll make sure it’s a celebration to remember for ever…Galaxy Events India